Our action plan policy for complete ADA compliance includes the following steps:

  1. To Ensure that all new and modified webpages and content are accessible we will:

    • Check the HTML of all new webpages. Make sure that accessible coding is used.

    • Make sure our websites is re-designed so it can be displayed using the color and font settings of each visitor’s browser and operating system.

    • Images, including photos, graphics, scanned images, or image maps, to include a text equivalent, by adding “alt” tags or long descriptions, for each.

    • Online forms and tables, will include elements accessible by labeling each control (including buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus, and text fields) with a descriptive HTML tag.

    • When posting new documents on the website, provide them in HTML or a text-based format

  2. When updating webpages, when images change, the text equivalents in “alt” tags and long descriptions will to be changed so they match the new images.

  3. In-house staff and contractors responsible for webpage and content development are properly trained. Distribute the Department of Justice technical assistance document “Accessibility of State and Local Government Websites to People with Disabilities” to these in-house staff and contractors on an annual basis as a reminder. This technical assistance document is available on the ADA Home Page at www.ada.gov.

  4. Provide a way for visitors to request accessible information or services by posting a telephone number or email address on your home page. Establish procedures that ensure a quick response to users with disabilities who are trying to obtain information or services in this way.

    PLEASE CALL 954-450-0000 FOR ASSISTANCE WITH WEB CONTENT OR EMAIL: villasinclair@me.com